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Space for Innovation

SSP CEO office 100819

One of the many things businesses are faced with is attracting and retaining top talent with an engaging company culture. That has always included a focus on providing space for employees to do their best work and collaborate in ways that meet their needs.

When SSP in Akron was ready to renovate their space, all of these considerations were part of the discussion with APG. We challenged them to reconsider their old floorplan, which placed private offices along the perimeter: if they were serious about creating an environment to achieve their business goals, moving the private offices to the center was the first step. By opening the floorplan to allow light and space to be shared among the team, they would nurture and attract the high-value engineering talent they wanted.

The APG team provided all services for the project from start to finish: from investigating their desired outcomes, through ideation, layout and interior design -- including the selection of paint, flooring, and other finishes. After guiding SSP through a variety of options for workstations and private offices, Herman Miller Canvas solutions with task seating was chosen to provide everyone the space and comfort they need.

Maars Living Walls were installed to delineate space and allow light into the interior while creating sound-isolated environments that minimize distractions.

The renovated SSP headquarters has achieved what the CEO dreamed the space could become: a beautiful, open, and appealing office to foster collaboration and innovation.