Red-painted wall in a tidy warehouse with inspirational brand message: Be bolder, dream bigger, achieve better.

APGIS – A Culture of Improvement

A Culture of Continuous Improvement

APG is proud to be recognized as a leader in Operational Excellence.

We are one of a handful of MillerKnoll dealers in the U.S. leading development of the Last Mile concept, a focus on the successful implementation of the tail end of a project. As a learning company, we developed the APG Improvement System (APGIS) as a means to find more efficient uses of time from order entry through installation.

What is APGIS?

The APG Improvement System (APGIS) focuses on understanding and meeting our customer's needs exactly through the engagement and development of our employees. We use this system to highlight waste and find problems in our procedures using a structured method for eliminating them.

The APGIS Philosophy:

Customer Focus
Furniture installation can be a very disruptive undertaking for your organization. Our focus at APG is to get you back to peak performance as quickly as possible.

Invest in People
With continued training in the APG Improvement System (APGIS), our team is able to find efficient methods that will improve operations at every level.

Reduce Waste & Human Struggle
Working as efficiently as possible, utilizing strategic planning, and developing ever more effective processes, we are able to reduce time and effort from order entry to delivery and installation.

Systems-Thinking Approach
Our unique process demands accuracy and careful implementation at every step. With complete attention to all the details, we assure streamlined delivery and installation, allowing you to get back to business!