Delivery and Installation Services

Delivery and Installation Services

Since 1969, we've delivered superior workspace solutions with exceptional service. Our innovative process gets you back to peak productivity as quickly as possible! 


We developed APGIS, the APG Improvement Systems, as a means to find more efficient uses of time from order entry through customer installation. Your APG Team will utilize the APGIS delivery and installation methods to construct the most efficient and effective way to seamlessly complete your delivery and installation plan. 

Just-In-Time Delivery

By dividing the order into daily shipments containing only the precise products to be installed that same day, critical space is freed up in receiving areas and in the installation zones. In fact, we can even tell you the first morning of installation the exact time the project will be finished.

This level of precision is the result of practicing efficiency every step of the way. At delivery, products are unloaded from the truck in the exact order they need to be installed. They are immediately unpacked, de-trashed and waste is recycled right at the dock. 

All products for a designated area are loaded onto efficient assembly carts, requiring fewer trips on freight elevators. These same assembly carts house everything a two-person installation team needs, organized in the order it’s needed. The carts also keep products off the floor and walls, preventing damage and allowing more room for other trades to work.

The Last Mile

As a leader in operational excellence, and one of five model Herman Miller dealers in the U.S., APG is a champion of the Last Mile concept, a focus on the successful implementation of the tail end of a project. Herman Miller’s Performance System is fully integrated with our Certified Dealer Network, from production planning and manufacturing to final installation. Our installers are also Herman Miller Certified—meaning they complete a series of training programs and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of installation practices. 

Once installed, we check the product carefully to make sure it’s level, aligned, and working properly. Then we clean and polish it as instructed by the manufacturer. Even after installation is complete, our service isn't. We also train your people to use the product, follow up to ensure you’re satisfied, and make any necessary changes.

Punchlist Focus

Our Customer Satisfaction Manager (CSM) is a unique value-added role that APG Office Furnishings offers our clients. We develop the punchlist along with a representative from your team. Resolving any issues quickly while communicating with you fully on the status of each item is a primary focus.