PriMed Physicians Centerville

Amazing transformation and adaptability for the future.

Pri Med Centerville lobby 2707

Change is inevitable, and in healthcare environments, that means nimble adaptation to changing patient needs.

PriMed Physicians, a medical practice with 16 locations in the Dayton, OH area, was ready to renovate their Centerville office in 2019. Christy Gelm, Director of Healthcare, challenged them with ideas for coordinating caregiver needs and patient care to create an innovative medical office that would carry them into the future.

Bringing two offices into the space created unique challenges to keep the Family Practice and Pediatrics spaces separate but coordinated in aesthetic as well as function. Caregiver spaces utilize Herman Miller Canvas workstations to create three open collaborative caregiver pods with plenty of room for each user to get their work completed.

All 47 exam rooms feature Mora casework from Herman Miller as well as carts and equipment rails, creating a cohesive space to focus on patient needs. With a wide variety of caregiver working methods and patients to be seen, the new space solutions provide flexibility for everyone to perform their best.

Exhaustive iterations of the floorplan were developed with the architect, reviewed and refined until everyone agreed that the best solution had been identified. This adaptable space is quite a change from the old format, and provides flexibility for future needs. Covid-specific patient rooms, separated from the rest of the practice, were easily incorporated during the last stages of construction & installation, making it a working example of how agile the new space can be.

The groundbreaking design of the PriMed Centerville practice will serve as the template for future renovations at their other locations across the area.