Bright open-floorplan office space with a variety of workspaces: low-wall desks, small meeting spaces with tables & whiteboard, lounge areas Window 2 rite.

Placemaking & Space Ideation

A more natural and desirable workplace fosters greater connection, creativity, productivity, and, ultimately, greater prosperity for all.

Work has changed. Most offices haven't. Tomorrow's offices need to attract, nurture, enable, and retain the talent that will drive innovation and execution, and bring an organization's strategy to life.

About Living Office Body01

Through our partnership with Herman Miller and Knoll, we are collaborating with the world's leading thinkers and designers to apply a greater understanding of people to create work environments that harness our natural motivations, and compel us to produce our best work.

About Living Office Body02

To accommodate the many needs of people doing different work, it makes sense to shift from standardized workstations and generic meeting rooms to a diverse landscape of purposeful and adaptable settings.

Individuals desire a spiritual connection to work and colleagues; a platform for increased productivity and effectiveness; and a more naturally human experience of interaction and creation.

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