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Make Working Together Better

People can work anywhere. Creating an engaging, collaborative workplace attracts the best people, and helps them enjoy being productive.

Living Office Make Working Together Better

Nearly 75 percent of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as “very important,” yet a workplace trends survey found that 38 percent of employees say the people in their organization don’t collaborate enough.

Organizations can benefit from increased productivity and greater employee satisfaction by creating a purposeful mix of collaborative settings throughout their space. Collaborative settings are designed to encourage people to work together in various ways, sharing ideas freely and spontaneously or meeting to solve critical issues. People are empowered to solve problems while growing social connections—both of which are factors that improve workplace culture, attract and retain top talent, and fuel greater outcomes for organizations.

Ibotta, a mobile technology company in Denver, CO, moved into a new space that was designed to remove barriers to working together. Their local Herman Miller dealership created settings and provided furnishings to create a Living Office workplace that’s more productive and social, helping Ibotta engage the best people.

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How Living Office helped Ibotta create engaging collaborative spaces.

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