Memphis Education Fund

An upgraded space for improving education.

Mef Primary

Memphis Education Fund is committed to finding ways to help improve education by fueling teachers, schools, and communities. Their recent move to Crosstown Concourse provided the perfect opportunity to update their furnishings as well as their space!

The new space is located at Crosstown Concourse, the former site of the 1.5 million sq ft Sears distribution center which has been revitalized into a mixed-use development featuring office space, retail, dining, and residences.

APG partnered with Memphis Education Fund and ANF Architects to outfit the new space according to their specific needs. Designers were careful to choose finishes that would coordinate well with existing furniture.

120-degree workstations with SitOnIt Novo chairs provide staff ample space to complete their work while making effective use of the overall footprint. Sound masking was added to minimize distractions in the open environment. Private offices feature Canvas workstations with Aeron chairs. Collaborative areas complete the space, providing room for small groups to gather for project discussions.

This beautiful new space was installed in concert with various other activities in progress at Crosstown at the same time. Amid a sometimes-chaotic environment, the APG installation crew shared minimal delivery space and resources with other trades on site as the facility as a whole came online. Working diligently to make the best use of time and space, Miller’s Installations completed the work with beautiful results.

This energizing new location for Memphis Education Fund will help them in their mission to improve educational opportunities of area students!