Part of the community, part of the team.

Nike Primary

When Nike, a long-standing customer of APG and Herman Miller, was ready for a major expansion, pride of place was a very important factor.

In 2016, the North Atlantic Logistics Center in Memphis, TN, increased its Distribution Center and office space by over 1,000,000 square feet. This new space needed to focus on providing an inspiring place to work that would continue to support employee engagement. With this in mind, APG and Herman Miller provided over 400 Canvas workstations, Canvas private offices, conference rooms, and collaborative spaces.

Community is important to the team at Nike, and many spaces in the new facility include features that keep their deep roots in the community close at hand. APG proudly sourced a local company to provide all dining tops, community tables, picnic tables and serving lines in the new Victory Café, made from lumber cut in Memphis and surrounding areas. This not only fits their LEED and GREEN philosophy, it also invests in the community and provides users with an additional connection to their surroundings.

What lobby would be complete without a unique centerpiece that comes with an incredible story? APG was able to acquire an original Memphis Grizzlies NBA backboard which was converted into a coffee table. Found in the main executive lobby, it truly is a one-of-a kind item!

APG takes pride in not only the products and services we provide, but the partnerships we build with our customers and the communities in which we live and work.