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Cuyahoga County Administrative Building

Time-critical installation and reliable products forge a solid partnership.

Cuyahoga Admin Primary

Cuyahoga County Government constructed a new building in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, moving all Administration Services to this new location.

APG was tasked with installation of 8 floors of furniture in a very short period of time. It was imperative to keep the county offices functioning with minimal disruption, so close collaboration between county officials, designers, and installers was necessary to maintain productivity. The APG installation teams worked three shifts daily for 38 days in order to meet the strict deadline set out by the county.

Such precise delivery schedules were maintained using APGIS principles, facilitating delivery of exactly the right materials each shift. All products were unboxed, staged, and assembled in the APG warehouse, then loaded onto trucks and prepared for delivery. Efficient use of time on the worksite and in staging and delivery allowed the installation team to assemble $5.5 million in product in just 38 days!