Order Management

Order Management

From concept to completion, you can count on a seamless, worry-free experience that exceeds expectations—on-time and on-budget.

“We proudly offer the best possible service with the least possible disruption, supporting your facilities department to the best of our ability.”

– Darryl Palmer, Project Manager, Cleveland

Choosing products and vendors takes time and effort—both of which are limited resources that you could spend in other ways. We’ll prepare your order with layout and design, bill of materials, and pre-order set-up. Our powerful digital ordering system allows us to quickly, accurately, and easily purchase products for all your locations, and track your orders.

Once your order is in process, we establish manufacturing schedules and shipping logistics to conform to your project schedule and construction progress. We will monitor your order, coordinating with all manufacturers, then we receive and inspect your product to ensure accuracy.

The warehouse team then employs our unique APGIS procedures to ensure a well-coordinated installation. By organizing and staging materials in the proper order that they will be needed for assembly, we can ensure the most efficient use of installers' time while at your worksite. We continue to refine our best practices to ensure successful implementation every time.