Our Team

Exceptional in every sense.

Our core belief that diversity inspires the best collaboration is reflected in our leadership. By carefully assembling our team, we are able to provide a wide range of expertise and offer unique perspectives for customers' workspace needs.

Let us help you unlock the potential of your space.

Connie Goins2

Connie Goins

Terry Goins2

Terry Goins

Jeff Schultz lowres

Jeff Schultz

Brandi Goins Lowres

Brandi Goins

Andy Stiles Lowres

Andy Stiles

Mike Derkacs Lowres

Mike Derkacs

Kevin Johnson lowres

Kevin Johnson

Paul Johanni lowres

Paul Johanni

Kevin Washington lowres

Kevin Washington

Christy Gelm lowres

Christy Gelm

Sarah Smallwood Lowres

Sarah Smallwood

Elaina Jarvis Lowres

Elaina Jarvis

Scott Winkler Lowres

Scott Winkler

Debra Burton

Debra Burton

Jen Crofoot

Jen Crofoot

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