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Montgomery County Employment Opportunity Center

Re-envisioning a Space for Community Support

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Occupying a repurposed storefront in the Westown Shopping Center, the Employment Opportunity Center provides job training, education, and essential services for the community. Renovations include a welcome desk, private offices for administrative & support staff, a well-appointed conference room, workstations for use by job-seekers, training room, and vibrant café area. Also featured as part of the facility is an extension of Sinclair University, providing further training resources for the community.

The APG team identified beautiful, sturdy products that provide versatility for the many needs of the space. From the quartz conference table to the welcoming café, and flexible training room, design and functionality combine to create comfortable yet professional environments.

Combining a community-focused approach with distinct features, this modern and vibrant space successfully aligns with the county’s vision to provide essential community support in a clean and flexible space.

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