True Sports

A cool company looking for a cool new space for their workforce

True Sports primary

When True Sports needed a cool new space for their team, who did they trust to help? The professionals at The Crump Firm and APG, of course!

True Sports, obsessed with being the best for all things sports, was determined to upgrade their space with their hardworking team in mind. Our architecture partners at The Crump Firm designed and built out a completely new headquarters for True Sports, working hand-in-hand with APG designers and office furnishings specialists. Together, the architecture, engineered interior solutions, and furniture creates a engaging, welcoming environment. Agile workstations and versatile collaborative areas provide plenty of space for teams to work together and for individuals to find quiet areas for focus, making it an attractive environment for up-and-coming talent.

The Crump Firm and APG teams came through for True Sports in a meaningful way. When the location for the new office was moved mid-project – and after furniture had been ordered and shipped – the design teams worked diligently to reimagine and reconfigure everything with stellar results! Collaborative areas feature a variety of solutions such as Herman Miller Exclave tables with Setu chairs, Naughtone Hues booth, and the sectional Chadwick sofa with its fun serpentine shape. Herman Miller Canvas workstations provide individual space for everyone with Sayl task chairs and Eames shell guest chairs. Private offices are outfitted with OFS desking paired with fully upholstered Sayl chairs.

This impressive project proves that with the right team of creative professionals, anything is possible!