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A uniformed worker stands next to a fabric-covered workstation wall. Using a rolling machine, they spply disinfectant to the furniture.

See fresh possibilities with Clean Sweep from APG

Clean Sweep keeps your workspace fresh and promotes the health and wellbeing of workers!

The specialists at APG recommend that workspace surfaces be deep-cleaned on a regular basis for a multitude of reasons. Of course, cleaning prolongs the life of your furnishings, but did you know that sparkling clean workstations project a positive company image and maintain a safe, healthy space for employees?

While furniture may appear clean, the amount of dust and pathogens can be surprising. We all know that keeping workspaces clean and sanitized creates a healthier environment for everyone.

Using gentle yet effective chemicals and equipment, Clean Sweep from APG properly cleans without damaging surfaces. Our specialists disinfect upholstered furniture and hard surfaces including:

  • Task Chairs
  • Lounge Seating
  • Desktops
  • Casegoods
  • Workstation frames
  • Upholstered workstation tiles

Recommended Clean Sweep schedule:

Seating: Annually

Panels: Every three years

Tackboards: Every three years

Flipper Doors: Every three years

APG an help you see better, cleaner workspaces!

Reach out to your representative or contact us below for pricing and to schedule your Clean Sweep today!

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