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Engineered Solutions: Creative interior construction options

We don't just furnish interior spaces—we help define them.

It's a scenario everyone has experienced: a noisy office with no place to focus on work, or conversations spilling to adjacent spaces. Patient privacy in a clinical setting may also have you concerned. These situations can — and should — be managed very early in the design process.

Whether a project is new construction or renovation, there are many ways to delineate space. With engineered architectural solutions like Maars Living Walls and DIRTT, you have an array of options to suit your unique needs for sound isolation, technology, and construction timelines. Our customized environments feature premium acoustics, a premium aesthetics, AND the ease of pre-fabricated construction.

We believe in better. You can too.

Whether your sights are set on performance features or construction timelines, the APG Engineered Solutions team guides your journey through the possibilities, exploring the future flexibility of your space and the integration of technology.

After selecting the ideal wall product, we coordinate every detail to ensure your vision comes to life!

This is a team you can depend on. Because our sights are set on great.

Be Bolder. Dream Bigger. Achieve Better.

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