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Coordination for projects in multiple geographic locations.

As a member of the MillerKnoll dealer network, APG is able to partner with other trusted dealers to complete installations for our clients with multiple locations.

Network dealers have access to the ServiceNet program that connects dealers to allow movement of orders seamlessly from dealer to dealer for the convenience of multi-location customers. The ServiceNet program ensures customer-centered support at each location, efficient and dependable project management, and personal, ongoing service.

The ServiceNet application coordinates project activity and ensures consistency of service work across markets. For you, that means one source, one contract, one point of contact, and one invoice.

  • Enables dealers work collaboratively across the network
  • Provides a seamless project experience at all locations by allowing dealers to coordinate and approve project milestones including orders, acknowledgements, document management, delivery/installation and change orders.
  • Full project status transparency via the ServiceNet customer portal
  • Project timeline escalation notifications allows dealer partners to manage deadlines in real time with accurate and timely status reports
  • ServiceNet reduces paperwork and shortens cycle times
  • Statistical metrics from usage provides feedback on performance
  • Dealer to dealer surveys conclude each engagement so that learning occurs.

Here’s an example of how it works.

The APG ServiceNet coordinator fills out a profile via ServiceNet that describes the project in your satellite location. The MillerKnoll dealer that serves your other location prepares a quote and submits it. APG reviews the quote, then negotiates and/or approves it. The other dealer then manages the project and reports on its status, notifying the APG when the job is complete and ready for invoicing.

This transaction-based system automatically generates email notifications and posts project progress to a comprehensive project history database. At any time, the ServiceNet dealers involved in the project can check on the status of the project.