Make & Model Marketing

A revitalized, dynamic space for growth

Make Model 3

One of our priorities is to always keep the client's needs in mind. In the case of Make & Model Marketing, that meant ensuring that the renovated workspace was more dynamic and fit for a young collaborative workforce. The team helped them bring a new, open, and multifunctional space to life.

While the biggest challenge was to be mindful of future potential growth, the team was able to create a dynamic and creative space able to accommodate everyone's needs. The renovation included workstations, touchdown areas for future and transient employees, collaborative spaces, a huddle room, conference room, and large lounge area. The installers had the added challenge of dealing with uneven floors in this turn of the century building. However, this was remedied quickly due to their preparedness and experience in handling all kinds of situations.

The Cleveland Innovation Center was instrumental in showing the clients what their space could look like. By showcasing how efficiently the APG team worked in their environment, Make & Model Marketing had the confidence to try similar settings in their own space. We can't wait to see how Make & Model Marketing grows in their new space.