Metrohealth Brecksville

Exceptional spaces help caregivers focus on patients

Metrohealth Brecksville Main

Exceptional patient care is what Metrohealth is all about. Remaining thoughtful of caregiver needs is a top priority as well. Of course, APG was able to envision dynamic spaces that redefine possibility for everyone.

The many departments included:

  • 24/7 Emergency Department
  • Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • Radiology/ Mammography
  • Lab
  • Retail Pharmacy
  • Medical Office Space
  • Infusion Area, including Compounding Pharmacy
  • Administrative Areas with Conferencing Rooms

Herman Miller Canvas was the perfect platform to create nurses stations throughout the facility. The kit of parts makes for easy reconfiguration in the event of future changes. To-the-floor woodgrain laminate tiles on the exterior of each station provide an upscale aesthetic. Exam rooms utilize Herman Miller Compass to allow staff to focus on a Patient Centered Care methodology.

Other patient areas, such as infusion bays, require a delicate balance in their design: while the patient prefers privacy, visibility is critical so that caregivers can respond quickly if there is bad reaction to treatment. Our solution provides a measure of privacy, as well as the necessary access by caregivers to provide proper attention.

Office spaces serve to house the Director of the facility as well as visiting staff. Herman Miller Canvas proved to be the optimal choice, accommodating a variety of needs while maintaining a consistent look. Additionally, Canvas provides the flexibility to rearrange workstations in the future.

We were an active partner, and provided all programming, specification and design services to tailor our furniture to the exact needs of each individual department throughout the facility."
– Brenda Myers, Lead designer for the project