Frontdoor Portland

APG and Frontdoor brought this space to life by repurposing existing office furniture.

Frontdoor Portland under stairs seating group1

With the acquisition of Streem came an expansion project larger than any Frontdoor had undertaken to date. APG worked closely with the architects to develop solutions for everything from paint, carpet, and fabric to built-in millwork, outdoor areas, and, of course, furnishings.

Using leftover workstations from recent renovations to the Phoenix location, APG designed collaborative, meeting, and outdoor spaces to house this newly-purchased company. New furnishing were also implemented to round out this busy, tech-focused workspace. The stored product from Phoenix was shipped to the installation team in Portland, where a local Project Manager was on site for duration of project. The APG team coordinated move from existing office to the new space with charitable donations initiated for excess existing furniture.

The Memphis Business Development Manager and Designer were on site for punch walkthrough. The trust built during previous projects allowed APG to become an integral part of this project, acting as advisor to Frontdoor and liaison with the architect.