Gorilla Glue Company

A bonding partnership.

Gorilla Primary

Connecting All The Elements

Staying ever vigilant of budget concerns, we assisted Gorilla in making better selections, including, long-wearing fabrications, highly durable and ergonomic seating, and a floor plan that breathed new life into their work. This project led us to partner further with Gorilla, so that’s always a good sign of a happy client.

Adhering To The Highest Standards

The Gorilla Glue Company moved their operation site and brought APG in to help them update, upgrade, and greatly uplift their look via work spaces, collaborative areas, a training center, and one large café. Working with M+A Architects, we transformed Gorilla from random spaces stuck in the past to a modern, forward-leaning, and unified environment positively positioned to remain relevant (or easily upgraded) for years to come.

“Thanks to APG, our spaces have been transported from another century to now and beyond. We look better, work better, and feel better.”
— Pete Ragland, President, Gorilla Glue Company