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  • Wreath Building Event Kicks off the Holiday Season

Wreath Building Event Kicks off the Holiday Season

APG Cincinnati annual A&D event

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It's been cold lately in Cincinnati, but Terwilliger Lodge at Dulle Park was warm with holiday spirit this past week.

APG, MillerKnoll, and Shaw Contract hosted an annual wreath-building event for local A&D firms. Designers from across the area were invited to gather for some light bites, drinks, and networking while assembling their own holiday wreath to take home -- or gift!

Working with so many different materials is a designer's dream, and every wreath was just as beautiful as the next. Pine & fir intermingled with warm cinnamon filled the air. The natural textures and colors that were provided to work with create a cozy warmth that's just right for the chilly winter season. Of course, these designers are experts at creating beautifully unique results from such raw materials, bringing a touch of nature indoors.

We are honored to host this evening of fun and creativity each holiday season!