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Framery Acoustics

Framery is an industry pioneer and global leader in engineering and manufacturing soundproof pods, enabling people at work to connect and focus on what really matters.

Where creative & productive meet

Framery was born from a necessity to re-think the office, continually shaping the world of work. Their products improve the flow of work with technology-driven solutions, tools and services. By choosing Framery you can expect nothing but superior quality and tested solutions.

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Framery in a Nutshell

Trusted by over 70% of Forbes Top 100 companies

Framery products let people be more productive in the offices of many of the worlds’ leading companies, including Tesla, Puma and Microsoft.

Enabling people to connect and achieve their best at work – solving problems and creating solutions, can build a better tomorrow.

Framery is here for the creators, innovators, and doers – people who get it done.

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Putting sustainability to work

Framery products are made from durable, renewable and recyclable materials and are designed to have a long lifespan.

With a strong focus on research and development, as well as a firm commitment to practice what they preach, Framery is determined to empower people to get things done – in a sustainable manner.

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Framery Workplace Technology

Framery’s exciting new workplace technology suite streamlines workdays, elevates productivity, and enhances the entire office for a better working experience. These new tools allow you to reserve meeting spaces on the go, access real-time occupancy data, facilitate data-driven decisions, and beyond. And you can enjoy these benefits without any deployment costs.

Framery App™

Make every pod and space in your office easy to find and book

Framery Office Sound Masking System™

Reduce speech intelligibility and noise distractions outside of the pods

Framery Connect™

Make workplace management decisions based on data

Framery Connect Sensor™

Collect usage data from anywhere in your workplace

Framery Q Flow Framery O ambient

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It’s not just a pod.
It’s a way to transform workplace culture.

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