Framery is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of soundproof private spaces and pods that enable and reinforce happiness in workplaces. Framery was founded in 2010, and its innovative products solve for noise and privacy issues in offices.

You'll love these soundproof spaces – and we at APG are excited to offer them as part of the family of Herman Miller brands.

Framery has pioneered the development and manufacturing of private spaces and soundproof pods. By addressing privacy and noise issues in workplaces, employers can foster happiness among employees.

Superior sound insulation

All materials are carefully selected to make sound insulation effective. No matter how noisy the office, Framery’s pod gives you a place to concentrate.

It’s beautiful – inside and out

Framery refuses to make compromises. Favoring the efficient use of sustainable high-quality materials puts user experience first.

Sweat in the gym, not in the pods

The innovative and advanced air ventilation system creates a fresh and nice working environment. It works reliably day after day.

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