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What is Connectrac?

Connectrac is a durable, ultra-low profile floor mounted wireway system that allows power and data cabling to be delivered anywhere in a space without the need for core drilling, trenching or power poles.  The economical Connectrac solutions can be used with multi-circuit powered workstations, classrooms, libraries, sit / stand desks, conference tables, and more.  They are available in two different sizes to meet your specific needs.

Connectrac Under-Carpet Wireway

Connectrac Undercarpet Image

Connectrac Under-Carpet Wireways are ideal for conference rooms, lecterns, lounge seating areas, reception desks and more.  They’re extremely low profile, invisible, and elegantly accommodate power and data/AV cabling.

Connectrac In-Carpet Wireway

Connectrac Incarpet Image

Connectrac In-Carpet Wireways subtly integrate with carpet while providing a removable wireway cap for easy access to the cable pathway.  They’re ideal for virtually any interior application requiring multiple power circuits (8-wire, 4-circuit) along with large numbers of data cables—workstations and benching systems, training rooms, fitness centers and more.

Connectrac On-Floor Wireway

Connectrac Onfloor Image

Connectrac On-Floor Wireways easily install on top of any type of flooring including tile, concrete, wood or carpet.  They can be used for virtually any type of interior application, including conference rooms, kiosks, lecterns, training rooms, workstations and much more.  They’re the simplest and most flexible of all Connectrac Wireways.

APG is excited to offer this incredibly versatile product.
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