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Product Highlight: Lasata patient chair from OFS

Patient comfort and caregiver support in one impressive product

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In patient care setitngs, comfort and ease-of-use are just a few of factors to consider when selecting furnishings, but they're among the most important.

The Lasata from OFS can help simplify decision making. Here's why we think it's a top pick:

  • Arms move easily to allow patients to sit and stand from various angles.
  • Foot-controlled locking mechanism is accessible form both sides of the chair, making it easer for caregivers to re-position the chair as necessary.
  • Full-grip footrest control allows parient or caregiver to manage the footrest easily. The thoughtful shape also minimizes the possibility of lanyards and blankets getting caught.
  • Adjustable, removable headrest provides comfort for patients of all sizes.
  • Full recline controlled by easy-to-use levers beneath both armrests.
  • Improved longevity with plastic bumper along the bottom edge of the chair to reduce wear and tear from use and from other equipment that may be positioned nearby.

We're excited to offer this patient chair, and invite you to explore how Lasata can help improve patient experience in your facility.

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