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Introducing MillerKnoll

A collective of modern design brands anchored by Herman Miller and Knoll.

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Recently, Herman Miller announced that it has completed its acquisition of Knoll and introduced MillerKnoll, a collective of dynamic brands that comes together to design the world we live in. The name is simple—a merging of our networks, values, and strengths.

This is truly a historic moment, a new beginning in our storied history. Herman Miller, Knoll, and their legacy brands will continue to be distinct brands within MillerKnoll, making this one of the largest design companies driving some of the world’s most influential design brands. Our industry—and the world in general—is changing rapidly. These companies coming together as MillerKnoll will define and lead this transformation, like other transformations throughout both companies' histories. Together, MIllerKnoll is even better suited to anticipate and shape the future through problem-solving design.

MillerKnoll will be led by President and CEO Andi Owen, with global functional teams that serve the entire enterprise. MillerKnoll’s organizational structure will ensure strong brand ownership to preserve and nurture the essence of the brands within the portfolio. A press release with more details was issued and can be found here.

When plans were first announced to bring Herman Miller and Knoll together, the transaction was expected to be completed late in the third quarter of 2021. Thanks to the diligent work of teams at both companies and the receipt of stockholder approvals, the transaction has now closed.

There are still many decisions to be made. MillerKnoll will continue to be thoughtful in their planning approach and will communicate new information as it becomes available. Since beginning discussions with the Knoll leadership team about a potential transaction, it has been known that seamlessly bringing together the many talented people and exceptional portfolios will be the key to success as a combined company.

While Herman Miller and Knoll will operate as independent brands, there are many beneficial integration points. Those areas of integration are expected to take months to finalize. Through this integration period and beyond, we will continue to deliver the same high-quality products and design solutions that you have come to rely on.

Our customers will benefit from a broader combined portfolio that will deliver beauty, joy, efficiency, and utility. MillerKnoll will provide a deep offering of brands, technology, talent, and innovation to create meaningful growth opportunities for customers, employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

At this time, contacts will remain the same, all contracts will continue in the normal course, and this transition will not change how Herman Miller operates on a day-to-day basis. Any changes will be communicated to you in advance, consistent with usual practices. As we go along, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

We appreciate your continued partnership and look forward to working together in the future.

Learn more about MillerKnoll's vision for the future here.