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Project Management from a Distance

Digital tools keep Project Managers and Installers in touch despite distance requirements

Project Management at a Distance1

The safety of our customers and employees is among our highest priorities. During this time of physical distancing, we have been hard at work developing ways to continue serving our customers and keep work moving forward. One way we do this is to implement virtual walk-throughs at the end of an installation with our installation lead and the dedicated Project Manager.

While the Project Manager works remotely with floorplan drawings in front of them, the lead Installer visually verifies all product is on site and in its correct location. If there are any issues, the Project Manager will document and immediately begin work correcting the situation. This results in a timely resolution for the client, while minimizing the number of people on the work site.

Play Project Management at a Distance1
See how our Project Managers and Installers are managing installation inspections using virtual tools!