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Tipping the Balance

Make your workplace a powerful tool in attracting talented people.

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In today's world of work, top talent is in high demand. With 40 percent of the workforce due to retire in the next four years, the battle for skilled employees will become increasingly fierce.* The workplace can be one of your most powerful tools in attracting the talented people who will help drive business success-especially a workplace that balances a range of needs and activities, from privacy and quiet, to conversation and collaboration.

If planning a workplace where people can focus on their own work as easily as they can work with others seems like a tall order, Herman Miller's Living Office approach can help. In a Living Office, people have the freedom to choose the work setting that best suits their needs in the moment, and then move to a different setting once their needs change. The result is a workplace where people will want to be, where they'll do their best work, and where they'll grow.

*Global Human Capital Trends 2014: Engaging the 21st-century Workforce. Beyond Retention, 2014. Deloitte LLP.

A Well-Balanced Feel

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