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The Benefits of Belonging

Workplace designs that fulfill the human need for belonging improve employee engagement and productivity.

Living Office Benefits Of Belonging

Nine out of ten executives say that the long-term success of their organization depends on innovation, according to management consulting firm Accenture. But the uninhibited knowledge sharing and collaboration that breeds innovation can be difficult to achieve-especially in a workplace where people feel isolated from each other, or from the broader organization.

By creating a workplace where people feel connected-to their work, to one another, and to the organization as a whole-you can empower people to share their ideas. Our research shows that in these types of environments, people are not only more likely to express themselves, they're also more willing to work with others to bring new ideas to fruition.

With Living Office, you can create a workplace that considers everyone's needs and activities, and provides settings that support them. This is the type of environment where people feel valued, connected, and empowered to contribute the innovative ideas that will move the business forward to achieve its goals.

Belonging at Work whitepaper

Download a whitepaper to read about creating workplaces that connect people to each other and to the organization.