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Set People Up For Success

To deliver superior outcomes for individuals and organizations, surroundings, tools, and furnishings must come together and support the work at hand.

Living Office How Work Gets Done

When surveyed, 73 percent of people agreed that their organizations would be more successful if employees were able to work in more flexible and collaborative ways, and 56 percent agreed that improved collaboration would have the greatest impact on their organization’s profitability*. Why? Because there is incredible power in the act of uniting people.

Working together, people have achieved everything from taking flight to discovering DNA to curing disease. The most successful business leaders recognize the power of engaged individuals to propel the organization forward and want to equip them to solve problems. The key to sparking this type of creativity is not just finding high-performers—it’s giving people a workplace that enables everyone to do their best.

Living Office optimizes a workplace by tailoring a purposeful variety of settings to an organization’s people and the activities they do. These settings address the needs of people working alone and in groups, in person and remotely, with an array of digital and analog tools.

With the Living Office Settings Discovery sessions, we work closely with organizations to uncover what their people do and where. We also explore how work is accomplished and the unique qualities of the individuals and teams performing the work. Our process considers all the elements of a setting to create a workplace that elevates the experience of work for people and enables the organization to achieve its business goals.


Herman Miller Solution Essay: All Together Now

To create the best ideas, people need workplaces where every element is working in concert to fulfill their needs and enable their best work.

This essay will highlight some ways to improve your space.