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Nurture Achievement at Work

People crave challenging work. The most effective workplaces fulfill this need with furnishings and tools tailored to ignite human potential and equip people to impact business results.

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Most organizations do everything they can to encourage their employees to do their best. But the fact remains that 52 percent of workers say they aren’t engaged at work, and 18 percent claim to be actively disengaged. Even more concerning are the 70 percent of Americans who say they aren’t working to their full potential—a problem that’s actually slowing economic growth.*

It’s clear that many companies are missing an opportunity to inspire their people to develop and realize the ideas that will help the business succeed.

How do you motivate people at work?

The answer doesn’t begin with a dollar sign. People crave the sense of accomplishment that comes with setting a goal and reaching it—especially a goal that is challenging to complete.

Organizations can help fulfill this need for achievement by offering learning opportunities that encourage growth. The workplace can help too, especially one that is outfitted with furnishings and tools that are tailored to ignite human potential and equip people to impact business results.

* http://www.gallup.com/businessjournal/162953/tackleemployees-stagnating-engagement.aspx

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