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MAARS Living Walls: Breathing Walls

A comprehensive wall solution with ventilation capabilities can improve the well-being of users.

Maars Bm Building Crop
Maars Breathing Wall Technical Details
MAARS patented technology allows air to move through the walls, eliminating the need for unsightly air vents.

Green buildings with good indoor environmental quality protect the health and comfort of building occupants. A high-quality interior environment also supports the well-being of its inhabitants by considering light, sound, and air quality.

The LEED Indoor Environmental Quality category rewards decisions made by project teams about a variety of indoor space designs including air quality and thermal, visual, and acoustic comfort.

Such high-quality indoor environments support success through

  • enhanced productivity
  • decreased absenteeism
  • improved the building’s value
  • reduced liability for building designers and owners.

Offering a variety of options, this technology can be integrated into your modular wall solution to create a beautiful and supportive environment!

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