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Improving Workplace Efficiency

By creating a workplace where everyone can work together seamlessly, your business can maximize its investment in its people and its workplace.

Harrys Living Office
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In Harry’s, a Soho-based start-up, people feel 41 percent more productive than they did in their previous workplace. Learn how the men’s grooming company increased efficiency with Living Office.

An inefficient workplace can cost organizations as much as 20 to 30 percent of their revenue each year. Given the severity of this loss, its no surprise companies are searching for ways to help their people work quickly and seamlessly.

A good place to start on the journey to toward improved efficiency is the workplace—especially one that recognizes and accommodates the diverse and ever-evolving ways people work.

Herman Miller’s Living Office can help you get there with a framework for understanding peoples’ needs and the work they do. Using this insight, you and your design partners can create settings that provide better support for people throughout the office.

This means that groups who work together frequently can do so seamlessly, and what people who need to focus on a project have easy access to the tools they need to complete it. In an environment that’s fine-tuned to peoples’ activities, less time is wasted seeking out supportive spaces. People are free to be more satisfied and productive, and more time is spent doing the high-quality work helps organizations grow.

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Harry's Case Study

Learn how Living Office from Herman Miller helped Harry's transform their hectic space into a workplace where anyone would be proud to reside. Download the PDF whitepaper here.