Happy Birthday, APG!

Delivering superior workspace solutions since 1969.

Chuck Terry Jane

It's hard to believe APG has been helping organizations find better workspace solutions for 48 years!

The ways people work have changed dramatically over the years, and so have the spaces where they work. APG has promoted visionary workspaces that support many styles of work since the very beginning. From the introduction of Action Office from Herman Miller in the 1960's to the sit-to-stand workstations and flexible workspaces of today, APG has championed the idea of human-centered workspaces.

One size does not fit all, and we continue to partner with our customers to design the most innovative workspaces for their unique needs. Our team of industry experts enjoys the daily challenge of delivering superior workplace solutions that will stand the test of time.

Jeff Schultz, Sr. VP of Sales at APG, summed it up beautifully:

We work to bring relevant solutions that help our customers meet business objectives and achieve their desired outcomes on every project. This team of industry experts led by our vision and core values enables APG to create space for success for our valued clients on a consistent basis.

As we continue to grow, we remind ourselves of our commitment to our customers. Our goal at APG is to provide innovative & inspiring spaces, alongside service that is second to none. Looking to the future, we find more and more ways to improve workspaces for our customers, as well as our own. Our promise of superior customer service will never change, and we look forward to many more years helping businesses create space for success.