APG Goes Red!

At APG, we are celebrating Go Red Day by wearing red and learning a bit about taking care of our hearts. A few members of the APG family have been directly affected by heart health, so this is very important to us!

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Sarah, in our Dayton office, initiated APG's participation in Go Red Day. Her daughter, Sophia, was born prematurely with a heart defect that kept her in the NICU for 40 days. Sadly, surgery was unsuccessful in correcting the problem. We remember Sophia today, and keep her family in our thoughts as we join them in promoting heart health. As champions for the cause, they are inspired by friends and family advocating for cardiovascular awareness.

Kara, in our Akron office, shares her “Life Is Why” story about her daughter, Ellie. At just 6 months old, she had open heart surgery and spent 12 long days in the PICU. Now two and half, and she is one happy and healthy little girl! Thanks to research and advances in care, she only has to see her cardiologists once a year!

Sonja, in our Memphis office, shares her experience as well. Her nephew, Noah, was born with two different types of heart defects and endured 4 open heart surgeries. Doctors prepared his family for the reality of the situation. Three years later, he is an active little boy and you would never know he had been ill. Every day is precious!

Take a moment today to learn about heart health: know your numbers and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Check out the links below to learn more, because Life is Why! A big thank you to Sarah, Kara, and Sonja for sharing their stories.

Healthy Kids

Quit smoking

Heart Conditions explained

Warning Signs of Heart Attack, Stroke, and Cardiac Arrest

CPR Training

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