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Maars Living Walls

Going beyond the ordinary modular wall, Maars offers partition wall concepts that encourage workers to feel at one with their surroundings and create spaces where superior work is produced.

Solutions include single glazed, double glazed, butt joint, and solid walls that outperform others in the industry in acoustics. Each line offers space efficiency and creates a streamlined, modern, and functional working environment. Plus, the integration of the latest technologies in Living Walls allow solutions to truly come alive.

Maars Netherlands office
Maars office in the Netherlands features a LaLinea Cube for small meetings.

About Maars

Founded in Amsterdam in 1946 as a florescent lighting company, Maars expanded their product line in the 1960s to include ceilings, walls, and climate control systems. In 1964 they manufactured the revolutionary Styleline partition wall system – a timeless solution that is still being sold today.

In the decades that followed Maars continued to expand its product offerings with new wall systems including their Metaline partitioning wall in 1996. The first of its kind, Metaline had a sleek and contemporary design with unparalleled acoustics.

In 2001 the company decided to focus entirely on partition walls, fully committing to mastering the product category.

The Dutch focus on quality engineering can be felt across the product lines. Each is designed and built to outperform similar products in acoustics, performance, and aesthetics.

A Vast Array of Options

Across their profile Maars offers single- and double-glazed solutions with butt joined or flush frame connections. With one of the most extensive product lines of any demountable wall manufacturer, style range from Lalinea – a high-end wall product with a minimalist design and profiles so slim as to be virtually invisible – to the classic Styleline that is still being used in factory settings. All Maars products work together, so designers are able to combine many styles to form one unique solution.

Outstanding Acoustics

Over 100 acoustic tests have been run on all Maars products to ensure the level of privacy promised can be achieved. The company has its own acoustic lab with high-tech equipment to measure how much sound can be eliminated by each product. Plus, unlike their competitors Maars doesn’t simply test the glass, they also test the door and door frame.

Living Walls

Maars has developed a portfolio of integrated solutions that seamlessly incorporate the latest technologies. Solutions include:

Media Walls
Media walls can take the shape of a media center that stands alone or easily connects with handheld devices, LED monitors secured behind glass, or interfaces that come alive when activated by human interaction. The walls enable mirrored media content streaming, touch-screen technology, and even room automation.

Sound Panels
Surfaces of walls can be turned into speakers able to spread sound evenly throughout the room. In combination with separate media walls these panels create a rich multimedia experience.

Breathing Walls
Air is diffused through the wall with the use of patented ventilation studs allowing for invisible, increased ventilation without sound performance loss.

Privacy Glass
With a touch of a button glass walls and doors change from completely transparent to frosted for as-needed privacy.

Maars product chart
Maars product lines offwea wide range of technical specifications, options, and prices.

With a wide range of solutions Maars is able to accommodate any project vision. Whether your focus is on high quality-performance features, demountable and reconfigurable solutions, or design that integrates into your construction our team will work with you to create an environment that will serve your unique needs.

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