Return of the Magis

Magis Puppy Design Challenge

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Join us. Support or support not. There is no try.

APG Office Furnishings and MillerKnoll are sponsoring a Magis Puppy Design Challenge in Akron, with reception and awards on May the 4th to benefit One of a Kind Pet Rescue.

Industry teams have been re-imagining iconic Magis Puppies that will be on display during a reception at the APG showroom in Akron.

Thursday, May 4, 2023
from 4:00 - 7:00

Monetary donations and supplies will be collected for One of a Kind Pet Rescue. We challenge you to make a financial donation directly to the shelter! Every little bit adds up to help rescued animals.

For a chance to win a Mirra2 Chair from Herman Miller or a Cricut Bundle courtesy of JoAnn Fabrics, be sure to bring an item from their wishlist to the showroom event on May 4. Each item will get you a raffle ticket.


The top 10 most-needed items at One of a Kind Pet Rescue are:

  1. Mr. Clean Antibacterial Soap
  2. Pine Cat Litter
  3. Bleach/Laundry Detergent
  4. Breeder’s Edge Kitten Formula
  5. Martingale Collars
  6. Dog and Cat Treats
  7. Toys for Dogs and Cats
  8. Bath Towels and Fleece Blankets
  9. Paper Towels/Toilet Paper
  10. Heating Pads

During the event, be sure to cast your vote for Best of Show. The team with the winning entry will receive an awesome prize too!

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CLICK HERE for a recap of the Come Meet Magis Puppy Design Challenge held at the APG Cleveland Innovation Center last November.

The organic form and playful spirit of Puppy are all characteristic of Finnish designer Eero Aarnio’s oeuvre. Imaginative and innovative, his abstract plastic dog for Magis Me Too blends function and delight, finding use both inside and out as a seat or simply as sculpture.