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Jen Crofoot

Jen Crofoot

Fulton Market Trip 2022 09
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Play A raised display of Herman Miller chairs of over the years: Eames Molded Plywood, Aeron, Embody, Setu, Sayl, alongside historic Eames leg splint
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We can have as many text blocks, image blocks, and video blocks as we want.

HOWEVER most people won't scroll very far, and the "Contact Me" call-to-action will always be at the end. I have no control over that.

Note below that there are two different formats for the contact form:

  1. "Contact [ name ]" which simply opens blank email in Outlook with the APG email address pre-loaded.
  2. "Reach Out to [ name ]" which is an actual fillable form that will be delivered to any email address that we specify. (example: we could direct to apg-company@ if we wanted to, and EVERYONE would get copied, or to just one person's inbox.

Click here to email Jen

Link will open in Outlook. Please provide as much information as possible, and she will respond soon.

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Our workspace visionaries will guide you to better outcomes for your team and your business.

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This might be a good place for direct links to projects. Unfortunately, I cannot add them as image buttons like I can places like the bottom of this page.

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