A Workplace with Purposeful Variety

A Workplace with Purposeful Variety

Posted on: Jun 05, 2018

Learn how partnering with Herman Miller can help you design workplaces that convey a sense of purpose and help organizations achieve financial success.

A recent survey found a direct link between workplace variety and an employee’s ability to innovative. In organizations across 11 industries, people identified as creative problem solvers had more access to alternative workspaces, such as cafés or outdoor environments. They also had more freedom to choose where and when they work.*

Hogan Assessment Systems, an international consulting company that helps businesses hire the right people and develop their skills, faced the challenge of breaking down silos and creating a diverse workplace that would spur productivity and growth. The company’s leadership team approached Herman Miller to help create a Living Office with a purposeful mix of settings. From formal Meeting Spaces to Coves for spontaneous conversations and problem-solving, Hogan’s new Living Office workplace is helping people work better together.