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Seeing Beyond the Now IV: Embracing Growth & Learning Opportunities

Despite the strain that the current public health crisis has put on our sales teams, APG Business Development Managers have been finding opportunities for growth and learning to better help their clients.

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This time has allowed me to position myself not just as a partner with our customers, but a true and trusted advisor. While we were home, many customers were more available to get on the phone and have great conversations with. A lot of them opened up on a more personal level, sharing unique things about themselves that they have discovered during the quarantine. This allowed me to probe more and get even deeper into the issues that their businesses faced and how we might be able to assist them.
I have realized that each individual has a different view of this situation and a difference in their ability to handle their fears, resulting in my acceptance or empathy for each person’s individual beliefs.
I think right now there’s a great opportunity to gain knowledge. I’ve been able to take the time I may have spent commuting to and from work, meetings, or events and also use the quiet time working from home to listen to podcasts and participate in web meetings. I feel I can use and expand that topical knowledge and apply it to my work. I’ve attended sessions on real estate, the future of higher education, and even happiness as it relates to the workplace and leadership.
The most prevalent opportunity for growth is in helping my customers with critical thinking. This can be in terms of assisting them in examining their current workplace and evaluating changes or additions they could consider as well as future work from home options they can offer their associates.
The ability to train with Kevin [Hoy] before he transitioned out has been critical in preparing me for the new role I am taking on going forward. It has also given a different perspective on introductions and meetings with people as you get to see them in their homes, which comes with distractions, pets, and children. This can enable a more personal connection as we are all going through the same thing.
We are seeing more demand for products like screens, hygiene, PPE, etc. that would be something we would not sell normally.

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