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Seeing Beyond the Now III: Navigating Challenges in a New Workplace

Working through a global pandemic cannot happen without some considerable challenges. See what our workplace visionaries are saying on how their daily life is changing.

This multi-part series showcases how APG's Business Development Managers are responding to COVID-19.

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Keeping the “human element” intact. We are relational people in a relationship-building business. We need to make sure that we are focusing on continuing to connect with people.
Finding time to get work completed in between virtual meetings, learning, and presentations has been a challenge. At times, I find myself exhausted because so much is coming all at once as well as managing and staying on top of the technology and communication platforms.
Connect with folks whose progress on their process have slowed. Given the halt on construction and work efforts physically, it's been difficult to pick up the conversation and keep things relevant with folks who are in a holding pattern.
Keeping track of more passwords! My customers don't always connect via the same web platform, so I now have accounts on several - Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex...
The biggest challenges have been projects getting pushed without a time frame and not being able get in touch with key contacts at certain companies.
The biggest challenge during the Covid19 transition is communication. We have all had to learn new tools and other ways of relating our thoughts and desires other than the conference room table. These new ways of communicating will continue to be enhanced and I believe will be a part of our tool box from now on.
Finding dependable, scientific-based information that we can pass on to our customers that call out several avenues or ways to address the situation and can be tailored to companies of different types and sizes.
I was finally getting involved in my networking groups - joining committees, helping on projects - but because of the transition everything has been put on hold.

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