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Seeing Beyond the Now II: Adjusting to a Changing Workplace

Take a look at how our workplace visionaries are adjusting to the changing workplace environment that we are all experiencing.

Seeing Beyond the Now is a multi-part series showcasing how APG's Business Development Managers are responding to the COVID-19 public health crisis.

Cleveland Crosshatch Geiger PO
As we re-enter the workplace in the next few weeks we will be dealing with adjusting to new ways of working with physical distancing and adjusting to masks. We will also have to be very sensitive to each persons individual beliefs and be open to compassionate accommodation. Our focus must be on making individuals feel safe in the workplace and what makes one person feel safe may be different for another person.
I think that there may be a continued increase in virtual meetings because everyone is now comfortable with it. I do think that office design concepts will change and more people will work from home. With healthcare, it may take a little longer to get larger capital projects back up and running as they continue to be ready for whatever happens.
As we move forward, we need to stay connected to our customers, but we also need to start a nurturing process with new customers and new opportunities. Being in sales, our project and opportunity funnel will also need to be rebuilt.
I think that right now everyone is working to figure "it" out - however things morph and change constantly right now. What 'it' is today - may be different tomorrow. My work is to listen to my clients, keep abreast of what is going on nationally with COVID, and talking to our vendors and manufacturers about what is available. Continuing to be a resource to my clients is also key.
I believe clients will need assistance in meeting the challenges posed by Covid-19. These challenges may require changes to furniture plans, hygiene stations, and protective screens.
The obvious answer is that there will be a focus on different product lines that customers will continue to ask for. Beyond that, I feel like it is going to change constantly as we all figure out what physical distancing is truly going to look like in the workplace.
Work over the next few months is going to change. "The genie is out of the bottle" and the workplace is going to look different - just like airports looked different after 9-11. It is my role to help my customer partners recognize the changes and how they can be best accommodated.
I think things will begin to reopen and I will be able to get into the hospitals to make connections even though there may be new protocols. A lot of meetings will be virtual, but that leaves time for other things like prospecting and planning.

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