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Seeing Beyond the Now I: Insight from our Workplace Visionaries

Seeing Beyond the Now is a new multi-part series on the ways in which our Business Development Managers are responding to the COVID-19 public health crisis. Find out how our workplace visionaries are maintaining and nurturing established customer relationships.

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I am staying connected with all of the electronic tools available - Teams, Email, Skype, LinkedIn so that my clients are getting information as they are looking to get their personnel back in the workplace, just as we are. I am trying to be a resource for them in any way possible. And YES - even picking up the telephone
I tend to find phone calls rather than emails to be more personal. I ask my clients how they and their families are doing. It's important to take the extra time to talk to them because we are all craving socialization and interaction with people without sitting behind a computer screen.
I am making sure to maintain regular contact virtually. Conversation always starts with how they are personally doing through this time as we all have mutual experiences with how this has affected us personally and professionally. Then be sure to share information that will help equip them as they look toward coming back into the workplace.
I use Zoom to keep meeting face-to-face. I ask key questions, even on a personal level, to make sure they know I care and am here to help wherever needed and not losing sight of what’s important to them. For instance, I sent flowers to my client who got a promotion. This would have received a lunch/happy hour congrats normally – but now you can still reach out with a delivered gift
I am trying to touch base at least once every two weeks with all my major clients via email. I pass along new material from trusted sources with physical distancing information that is relevant to their organizations. I also let them know we are here as a resource to help guide them.
I try to engage in conversation around how they are doing and introduce our ability to share knowledge on Returning to the Workplace. I schedule follow-up video conferences & presentations. Phone calls, sending creative COVID related postcards and finding that I can relate to others and they can relate to me because we are all going through this

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