Preview our new Cleveland Showroom!

There is so much to see!

You'll find so many inspiring ideas in the new Cleveland showroom, you'll want to return again and again to take it all in!

Through our partnerships with Herman Miller and Vocon, we've created the most amazing resource to help our clients visualize the possibilities of their own space. We're excited to show you around and help explore the fantastic ideas we have to make your workspace, learning space, or healing space work best for you.

When you visit, be sure to find the parking entrance off of Detroit Avenue. We have covered spaces, especially for APG guests, just steps from the door. Be sure to catch a glimpse of the new showroom on your way in – windows facing the parking area offer a sneak peek!

Once inside, relax with some refreshments in the Café area. Perhaps a fresh, hot coffee, or cup of tea suits you? Soft drinks and light snacks are available as well.

As you make your way through the breathtaking space, enjoy features such as:

  • Our custom-designed reception desk and welcome area perfect for impromptu gatherings
  • MAARS Living Walls throughout the showroom illustrate how to employ the unique features in designing an inspiring space
  • Creative use of various Herman Miller workstation products to build spaces where teams are inspired and have the flexibility to collaborate effectively
  • Technology that allows collaboration and connectivity to facilitate the team's shared goals
  • Amazing ideas and Herman Miller healthcare products to help caregivers and patients alike achieve positive outcomes
  • Spaces sprinkled throughout with integrated technology inspiring small-group collaboration

MAARS Living Walls

One of the most amazing features of the new showroom is the integration of MAARS Living Walls. A wide variety of thought-provoking features have been implemented to help you decide what options make the most sense for your specific application.

You'll find real-life use of many MAARS innovations such as:

  • Walls with best-in-class acoustic properties for sound isolation & absorption
  • Technology integration within walls, making it easy to keep up with the changing capabilities
  • Innovative privacy glass that is transparent, but fogs with the flip of a switch!

Thank you, Clockwork9, for helping us document our move!