I walked into my office this morning at 6:30 am. It was a rushed morning, my hair is a wreck from the humidity, and I have a long day ahead. As I unlocked my door and entered, I immediately calmed. With a big sigh of relief, I looked around and welled up with gratitude. This space has beautiful energy and offers such a welcoming feel to all who enter. So thankful to work in this great place every day. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate the APG team!

Leisa Spears Mulcahy, Vice President, Workforce

Our interaction with George during the installation of the furniture at the ServiceMaster headquarters gave us the chance to observe a talented and textbook example of the model project manager. ... Using his superior and organized multi-tasking skills, he directed installers and warehouse personnel to make each part of the project come together with-out logistic conflicts.

Robin Wallace, Acorn Designs, Atoka, TN

On every occasion, Kevin and APG were professional and knowledgable. Their services were excellent and their products were delivered in a timely manner. I understand APG has served many county agencies over the years with similar results. It is my opinion that APG is a quality organization and that Kevin Washington represents APG well.

Willis Blackshear, Montgomery County Recorder

Quite a few staff have noticed how thoughtful the construction team has been ... they are really neat and tidy.

Vanessa Freytag, President & CEO

You and your staff have always been exceptionally professional and have treated every opportunity to interact with me or other individuals with the highest degree of customer service, integrity and responsiveness. I have and will continue to recommend APG for work both within the county and throughout the community.

Deborah A. Lieberman, President Montgomery County Commissioners

The installation process was well planned in advance and the schedule was adhered to. We are very pleased with the performance of APG. You have made significant contributions to a successful project. Our employees are very pleased with their new work environment and this is due in part to the furniture supplied by APG. We look forward to working with APG in the future as we expand our operations. 

Tom Stockman, VP Finance, CFO

The design professionals at APG have great understanding of design as well as customer needs and are very valuable to us when working together on new work and renovation projects. APG have worked on hundreds of Sinclair projects such as Preble County Learning Center, Lectern Standardization and countless classrooms. The service Sinclair receives from APG whether new installation or repairs is superb. 

Liz Verzi, Manager, Planning & Construction

 ... just want to tell you how much we appreciate what Jim and his crew were able to accomplish today ... Jim and his crew just rocked it – and we appreciate it!

Maureen Cosentino

Christine Gelm and APG Office Furnishings were a pleasure to work with on a large multi-phased healthcare project.  They provided exceptional service and were members of the team throughout the various project phases.  The furniture specifications and installations were completed with attention to detail, schedule and aesthetics – truly with a designer’s eye.   APG’s contribution ensured the project was installed professionally and on schedule.

Denise Burkett, Project Manager

The results of your work are outstanding. Our offices are beautiful and extremely functional.

Raymond T. Faller, Public Defender
Reztark Design Studio

I cannot say enough good things about APG and how they have taken care of us through this long process.

Christie Kratzer, Principal

With our commitment to spend the taxpayers’ dollars wisely and the mandate to accept the lowest bid, it is gratifying to work with partners like you who have provided quality products and service.

Jayne Klose, Community Engagement Manager